Wearable Silk Art

      The individual wearable art pieces you will see in this website are created starting with a pure white silk then hand-painted with love and passion, using vibrant quality dyes.  Each resulting canvas is then assembled with utmost care and professionalism to create a one-of-a-kind wearable item, which is meant to be cherished for years to come.
      As a trained and professional textile artist and fashion designer, I love to create an elegant as well as casual, yet eye-catching classic look, which is suitable for all silhouettes, ages and occasions.
      My garments travel particularly well!  The light travelers appreciate how little space they occupy and how easy they are to maintain on the go.  As for the cruise aficionados, they may appreciate how versatile my creations are, and find them suitable for any daytime activity or formal evening function.  They lend themselves as much for weddings or graduations, as for those relaxed "feel good" moments with jeans or leggings.
      Wearable Silk Art is for those who dare to be noticed. Enjoy!

This is but one of the many one size coats 

that are among my most popular items sold,
no doubt due to their versatility and classic lines. 

If you have a favourite palette of colours,
I would be pleased to create that special item for your wardrobe

tailored to your tastes and personality.