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   Up Coming Shows for 2017


          SUMMER 2017 SHOWS:

   Ladner Village Market on Sundays - 

         August 27th, 10am to 4pm

         September 10th, 10am to 4pm
* This is it for my summer shows, so get your Christmas gifts early or your Upcoming cruise that is just around the corner.
    At this point in time, there won't be any shows that I plan on doing.

Please Note: I am creating a Client List, as I am pulling out of shows after this year. You can send me your name and email to [email protected]

      * I will keep you updated on new lines and if interested you can contact me for a appointment. Would love to see you and meet your friends,family and colleagues.(-:
   Contact me,when you need a beautiful Hand Painted on Silk, One Of a Kind  vibrant garment, for when your going on a cruise or traveling abroad, having friends & family visiting or for a special occasion, dinner, dance,church,weddings or just a feel good day to every day wear. (-:/ 


   I am always creating new garments, but have found it is wisher to show you in person, to capture my new colours, styles and Line, that's if you live nearby, if not contact me and I can show you what I am up to.
     My website gives you an ideal what I have created in the past, so you can create a new look for you. 


                              I look forward to hearing from you.

       You can contact me for an appointment to show you my line by emailing me @

                  [email protected]


                       To Life!! (-:Donna