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Artist Bio:

  1973 -76 - Graduated in Textile Designing from a three year Diploma at                     the Sheridan School of Design in Mississauga, Ontario. 

  1976-79 - Graduated from a 3 Year Diploma course in Fashion & Knits in Oakville, Ontario 


 1979 to 1990 -  After graduating, I moved to Vancouver, BC.

                    I joined the " WCFDA" (Western Canadian                      Fashion Designers Association) as an Associate member.


       Through this high profile FASHION GROUP, we promoted our trade in various media. I participated in high profile fashion shows in selected venues, along with radio, magazines and TV.

 1980 and 1990, I taught Textile Designing at the Abbotsford College ( University ) to 1st and 2nd year fashion students.

                   I was also on the faculty of the continuing education at the Vancouver School Board, where I taught Hand Painting, Silk Screening, Block Printing, Tie-Dying , Needlepoint, Weaving, Knitting machine & Natural & Chemical dying.

       I've had my art work in boutiques, Art Festivals throughout the Northwest (USA and Canada). 

2015-2021 - Butchart Gardens in the High End Art Store

 2021-The Nooks - 125 Victory Way #124, North Vancouver (70 Artisans )

          * My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature in landscapes, plants and all living things that is a constant teacher for me, displaying all their beautiful colours, forms, texture and shapes, which I express on my Canvas of Hand Painted Silk fabrics.


              I create my garments through pattern drafting and draping from my Judy, to make the shapes and forms that transform my Hand Painted silks into a beautiful vibrant and draping garment that is of class and timelessness. 


               As a professional Textile & Fashion Designer, Since 1979,my reward is to see satisfied clients return, adding to their collection and introducing their friends & family to my unique line. 

                This is what brings me joy and enthusiasm to keep creating  & enjoying life!


                                             Thank You,  Enjoy!

      Opulence art 2 Wear
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