The Age of Empowerment

Posted on August 14, 2011 at 11:00 PM

    Through my journey of designing for 38 years as a textile & fashion designer, has made me aware of the importance of the beauty in each individual person that I encounter. In selling my hand painted silk clothing & accessory line on a one to one with my clients, I get to experience their beautiful true spirit in how they are taken by the colours I create in my wearable silk art.

  I feel colour is so vital in giving energy to oneself and also creates a statement to where you are in your life today.

   In creating beautiful exciting colours, I have found it awakens one spirit, and says ,"Yes, it is okay to feel alive in the vibrant colours that I wear  and awakens ones transformation in their lives to express their presence and aweness about their journey in this moment today.

   Colour = Energy, and when we wear colour, we feel so alive to our full potential to be everything we have always wanted to be. Let's be awake, alive and complete in this moment.

Enjoy! Love & Light, (-:Donna

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