Quotes Donna who creates this wonderful playful wearable silk art line of rich,vibrant colours that is classy & timeless", is refreshing to have a textile artist, for many of us to enjoy. I feel so comfortable and unique wearing her amazing line of natural fiber cruise wear. Quotes

Quotes Donna is a very creative individual. She is also concerned about producing a high quality material. I wore one of her silk coats to a high-end restaurant in New York city last year and I felt totally in with the crowd over there. Quotes
Monique Bergamo, Delta, BC

Quotes Over the years I have purchased few items from Donna. Most I wear, and some that were coveted present to special friends. All carry her exquisite taste, superb finishing. I particularly enjoy her "coats" which have turned learned heads and provoked queries at weddings, in grocery stores, in foreign airports and in concert halls. Little wonder, Donna refers to her creation as "weareable art" . Quotes
Jacqueline L.

Quotes The creations of Donna Stark are superb. Each one is a unique piece of art. Not only do they please the eyes with their magnificent colors, they are also versatile and therefore very practical, especially on a trip. Furthermore, the superior quality of the material and the work make them lasting. A priceless item for an elegant and original wardrobe. Quotes
Nicole Hostinsky

Quotes It is nice to have an artist who knows how to create her own fibres, that she incorporates into ready-to-wear accessories and garments. I enjoy wearing my coat. It does not fail to earn me many compliments from friends, family and strangers whenever I wear it. Quotes