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All Sample/Shawls Hand Dyed/Hand Felted Sample/Hand Painted on Devore Satin Silk Sample/Hand Painted on Crepe DeChine Silk Coat Sample/Hand Painted silk Crepe Triangle Shawl/Scarf Sample/Hand Painted on Sq. Textured Silk Scarf/Shawl Sample/Hand Dyed Devore Satin Shawl/Brooch Sample/Hand Painted Devore Satin Triangle Shawl/Scarf Hand Felted merino wool on Silk Hand Painted on Devore Satin silk Shawl Raw Silk Noil Vest/Inset HandPaintedsilk Sample/Hand Felted Merino wool on silk Shawl Hand Painted on stretch silk 2 Piece outfit Sample Hand Painted on Devore Silk Long Coat Hand Dyed texture silk inlaid with Hand felted Merino wool Hand dyed crepe de chine silk with devore velvet & chiffon Sample/Hand dyed crpe de chine silk with devoe velvet Sample/Hand painted on crepe back satin silk top http://www.wearablesilkart.org/apps/webstore/stores/paypal_r 2016 Web Store One of a Kind