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  Showing my Hand Painted Silk Art
           Fashion & Accessories
            Butchart Gardens,Gift store from 11am to 5pm from June 1st to Oct. 1, 2019
                              800 Benvenuto Ave.,  Brentwood Bay, BC

                             Email : OpulenceArtWear@shaw.ca
                        Enjoy a unique One of a kind, Vibrant, beautiful
                       " Hand Painted on Silk -Fashion & Accessories"

            Contact me for a  Appointment @ OpulenceArtWear@shaw.ca
                                   Bring a friend or two ........  

             My Wearable silk art pieces can be worn for many occasions.
By accessorizing a plain outfit or dress, for a fun cruise or traveling abroad going out for a evening with friends or family , for that special occasion, dinner, dance, church,weddings or just a feel good day to brighten you energy.
                                                                                      To Life, ENJOY!  Donna