Technique & Maintenance Process

      THE White silk fabric is first Hand Washed then Hand Painted or Hand Dyed, taking into account the various garments or accessories I have in mind to create.

     It can take from 6 to 8 Hours of painting and 2 to 4 hours of dying the fabric.

    After 3 hours of steaming the fabric, as the dyes are Fibre REactive Dyes, that set into the fabric through the steaming process. Then multiple washes take place till the dye is washed out of the fabric the washed, dried, pressed and cut for sewing the garment.

     The hand Painted silk is then transformed and meticulously assembled into One of a Kind garments that (a quote from many clients)have a spirit of their own" .  

      With my hand dyed silk I  incorporate  my multi colour merino wool, where I hand felt many different designs of details into the silk . 

  * Please Note!!!   
      My silks are ONLY HAND WASH - GENTLY!! - " DO NOT " Machine wash
             These silks are strong and durable, but become fragile in a machine that will rip the seams.
      All you need to do is put my silks into a small amount of dish soap in the sink with cool water, wash Gently and hang to dry, press on hottest part of the iron with lots of steam. 

     Silk LOVEs Heat and don't be scared to use both, that's how I press all my silks for over  40 years and never a problem with damaging the silks.

* Washing my silks with care, will last a very Long TIME.  ENJOY!!!